I live and breathe music. I’ve always said that it’s music that runs through my veins: it’s my drug of choice; an addiction that has become the essence of who I am. Music holds my fascination because it is amazing to me that something as simple as sound waves can invoke such strong emotional responses among humans. It is the universal language and the most versatile medium of expression. Music, like nothing else, holds the power to unite individuals, to create peace, comfort, and tranquility where there was none, and to give a voice to those who society neglected. It is for this reason that music will always be sacred to me.

There is so much good music out there. There exists in this world such breathtaking musical and lyrical talent that I feel it should not be ignored. Likewise, some music relies more heavily on emotion than on musical talent, and I believe this music deserves recognition too. The musical community is a valuable population of creatively brilliant individuals who have risked their souls for the sake of expressing their art and this must be admired.

The music industry is an unparalleled melting pot of the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is certainly home to some of the biggest successes (and failures) in history. Here, I will explore many avenues of the music industry with a focus on several different genres. I will discuss current events in the industry as well as posting music-related content including interviews, album reviews, and concert reviews. This is my foot in the door, my connection to the industry and my responsibility to show my support for what is happening here. My work here will likely reflect the chaos of the industry today, and I am so ready to delve.



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