Pigeons Take Toad’s Place

Last weekend, a band by the name of ‘Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’ turned Toad’s Place, a small New Haven venue, into an energetic, groovy dance party.

Originally from Maryland, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – we’ll call them Pigeons for short – is a four-piece funk band that hails from the likes of Phish. Their music combines elements of electro-funk, rock, jazz, and psychedelic trance, producing a unique sound that is undeniably entertaining. With two self-recorded albums under the belt, their work is impressive, but their live show is where the Pigeons shine. pigeons-in-person

On a cold and rainy Thursday evening, Pigeons managed to warm the audience right down to their very souls. Their stage presence was enormous: vocalist Greg Ormant looked thrilled the entire set, bouncing his afro as he laid down guitar riffs and cracked cheesy jokes. Throughout the set, multicolored lights and psychedelic designs flashed on the wall behind him. The band churned out a nice variety of funky songs, some purely instrumental and some riddled with amusing lyrics. It was nothing if not danceable: the assorted twangy sounds and fast-paced tempos made it impossible not to let it all out in dance, making for a goofy atmosphere of pure bliss.

As someone who had never listened to Pigeons Playing Ping Pong before, I had the time of my life. Not knowing the songs proved to be no inconvenience at all: the energy of the band, the music, and the crowd made up for it and more. The music was fun, uplifting, and intricately entertaining, and there was nothing but positive vibes all around. The tunes were delivered flawlessly and with love, and they were received just as well.

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